About The Industry


You love music to the extent that you breathe it but somehow you are never satiated with all the knowledge that you know about everything that matters to you. Your music is your soul and you m=want o know everything that there is about your soul and your passion!

Here’s an invite:

We invite you to peek into the world of music like how we see it; complete and comprehensive. Our web based application is all that you will ever want whenever you want to know anything about your favorite player or your favorite genre of music.

Why web based application:

We wanted to keep it simple and also the fact that while we know that everyone today owns a smart phone and it is no big deal the real deal is the free storage data on the devices. By having the application on the web you do not have to download it on to your device thereby saving a lot of space on the device.

You will need to sign in each time:

However, there will be a need to sign in on the application each time. It may be slightly inconvenient but in the long run you will see the benefits of it. First of all, the login and the password make sure that no one is misusing your identity and using your membership and you can also change your password form time to time in order to maintain its integrity. Apart from this there is also the benefit of it not being device specific and thus you can log in from anywhere that you want and from any device that you want.

Membership details:

You can sign in for a free trial in case you feel like trying before you take a dive.  The free trial can last three months. After the expiry of the three months you can elect to stay with us for a nominal annual membership. So here is an invitation that is going to be hard to refuse, indeed!