Here is why music tugs at people's hearts universally


They say that when a person is sad or in a depressed mental state, he is best able to appreciate the lyrics of the song. This in turn also allows him to come out of the depression as early as possible. The fact that the sad lyrics can help stimulate the brain activity is a scientific fact along with the melancholic or the sad musical tone of the song does a great amount of good to such a person’s psyche.
The feeling of relating with the pain of the singer:

When the person realizes that the other person and in this case the singer is also feeling the same kind of heartbreak or loneliness pangs as he or she is experiencing it helps the person to equalize the pain and to snap out it quickly and get back on the road to recovery. This is perhaps the greatest service that music does to a person’s brain and thinking. It helps it to break free from the clutches of depression.

Do you have problems with concentration?

It has been proven that children and adults with acute problems of concentration can be set right with music. Playing music in the background helps very young and school going children with their concentration. Therefore, nowadays it is recommended that while children should not be allowed to study in front of the television, they could sit in a room where there is some kind of music running in the background. This has shown immense positive result.

Hospital wards also have background music playing:

Children hospitals, the pediatric ward and the trauma and accident ward of hospitals are most often equipped with music system that plays cheerful or soothing music in the background. This is because the victims and the relatives can draw a lot of solace from the soothing tracks and can also help them cope with the pain of separation if God forbid something goes wrong. It also is revealed to have speeded up the recovery process.

Our perception of the world clearly depends on our music:

If there is ever a hint that you want to know what kind of personality that you sport, it is easiest done with determining what kind of music is your forte and your favorite. If you like the soft tones, your nature would similarly be soft and if you like the fast beats and the rapid movements then you got to be the quick and nimble on your toes kind. However even though this is a thumb rule for people to judge your personality there may be exceptions like all other things.